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Seize The Day

Become an Earl of the Tavern and drink free FOR LIFE!

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For $1000 (early access), you can get one of 100 new Viking Tavern Horn Mugs for our new location in San Antonio. And each time you walk through the door, your first drink’s on us… Forever!

One-of-a-kind Horn Mug + Free Beer for Life.




We're making 100 mugs EXCLUSIVELY for our local Jarls(Earls) and Frues(Lady's) and giving them the opportunity to step up to the throne and become groundbreaking members of the Viking Clan!

Every Viking Tavern Mug is made by 100% authentic Ox Horn (Yeah, you heard that right. REAL OX HORN) and will be engraved IN HOUSE here at The Viking Tavern. 

When you purchase your custom horn mug, you will be able to select any (yes ANY) one of our beer selections. Anything from good ol' American classics to our signature beers (Like our Dragons Milk Stout, or our Einstok Viking Ale)!

Out the tap, in a can, or in a bottle. We got you covered!


                    to check out our vast selection of Ales, Lagers, Stouts, and more! 

So, How Do I Get My Free Beer For Life?


  1.                                     To Email the big man (The Owner)(

  2. Title the Email "SKOL" and include your phone number in the message.

Boom! That's it! We'll be reaching out to you with payment details.

What you'll Recieve 

A Custom horned mug engraved with the Viking Tavern logo, your name, your mug number, and your title of Earl or Frue- Everyone who purchases a normal horned mug from us will receive the title of "Warrior" or "Shield Maiden".... But of course, no free beer for them. 

A sneak preview of the place and the chance to meet and get to know the people running the show.

And if a one-of-a-kind Ox Mug wasn't enough, you'll get a couple of custom personalized coasters. (One to leave at the bar, and a pack to take home with you!)


Early access to all discounts, promotions, and events.

(Yep, more free s**t)



Questions and Answers:

Q: Why Just one beer a day?

A: Texas state law prohibits us from giving away more than one free beer a day(I know, bummer right?) But you wanna hear something awesome? Our mugs are 20 ounces. You're welcome.

Q: Can I take my mug home with me?

A: You bought it, it's yours. One thing to remember though, these mugs are all custom and handmade. So if you lose or break you're original you'll need to buy a replacement mug.

Q: Can I let my friend use my mug?

A: To get your free beer your I.D. must match the name on the mug. Trying to get your friend a free beer here and there is cool, but if you really wanted to make someone happy, try getting them their own mug! Nothing says "I love you" more than a free, ice-cold, twenty-ounce mug of authentic Viking Ale.... EVERY DAY..... FOREVER.

Q: What if the friend I bought one for and I

got into a bar fight? 

A: First off, good luck getting into a fight in front of one of our Varangian Guards (our armed security force). Need to let out your inner warrior? Try blowing off some steam with our Viking Mini-Axe Throwing. Regardless, if you feel like you're going to want to share this free beer experience with someone, you can buy yourself a Companion Mug! And gift any person one free beer, every day, for the rest of your life! 

The Viking Tavern Restaurant is a unique place, with 

genuine hospitality and graciousness for its people. It's a place where everyone is invited to join in fun, relaxation, excitement, great drinks, and amazing food. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our Viking family and hope to see you become a member of our clan. 


Because the bottom line is:

Once a Viking, Always a Viking.

'Till Valhalla.

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